Filipou and the GIANT Apple

- English version -

Filipou the explorer dreams of discovering an intriguing volcano. However, a “giant apple” will stand in his way, preventing him from pursuing his expedition. With his parents’ help, he will nibble on the giant apple to reach his dream. What will he find on the other side of the apple? What if this giant apple was, in fact, a disease?

In this fable, Filipou learns to nibble on the giant apple, one bite at a time, just like when facing a degenerative disease. One undergoes treatments and multiple tests. One sometimes receives positive results, sometimes discouraging ones. One experiences anguish, joy, sadness, and suffering - one bite at a time.

Nevertheless, most importantly, living on hope and love.

*** Thanks to a donation from Gourmet & Privilege , all proceeds from this book’s sale will go towards The Isaac Foundation's MPS II Research Fund for finding a cure for Hunter syndrome. ***

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